Double Glazed hardwood wooden windows Devon

Now the weather is starting to warm up it is time to start thinking of installing brand new double glazed hardwood windows which will keep the heat in your house next winter!

Using the latest in glass technology we can help you save money on your heating bills and make your house more comfortable to live in.
Being manufactured from the finest hand selected hardwood the new windows will last for many years if following our best practice’s on redecoration, care and routine maintenance.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and make an appointment for us to visit to offer you a comprehensive written quotation.Image

Hardwood Entrance Door & Frame

We manufactured these well insulated doors and frames for a quality bespoke new build project  Image

Hardwood Bi Folding Windows

Hardwood Bi Folding Windows

Double Glazed Bi Fold window

Hardwood Gates

Hardwood Gates

Beautiful Hardwood Gates

Insulated Hardwood Entrance Door Set

Insulated Hardwood Entrance Door Set

Beautiful Hardwood Front Door

US Navy has one of those expensive “Oops!” moments

Oh dear!


Photos and video from submarine-cruiser collision off Florida coast

Click on photo to enlargeUS Navy photo by MC2 Mike DiMestico

USS MONTPELIER (SSN 765) runs on the surface Sunday, Oct. 14, a day after being hit while submerged by the cruiser SAN JACINTO. The upper vertical rudder normally visible right aft is missing.

Click on photo to enlargeUS Navy photo by MC2 Mike DiMestico

The cruiser SAN JACINTO underway off the northeast Florida coast on Oct. 14, a day after colliding with the submerged submarine MONTPELIER. No visible damage above the waterline. The damaged sonar dome is at the foot of the ship’s bow.

Photos of the two ships involved in Saturday’s collision off the northeast Florida coast were taken and released Oct. 14 by the U. S. Navy. Neither of the ships, the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS MONTPELIER (SSN 765) and the Aegis…

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A new direction in housing at freight container size – Vertical!

What a great idea!! perhaps they will need sum bespoke windows!!


German architectural studio Slawik has created a portable home that fits into the size of a standard shipping container. Dubbed HomeBox, the multi-purpose home has been designed so it can be easily transported to various locations for temporary or permanent use. Due to its compact size and transportability the home can also double as emergency housing.

Though we’ve seen various homes made out of shipping containers, the idea of a house designed to fit inside a container is rather different.

“The bearing construction is from wood and measures to fit into an international standard freight container,” Slawik’s leading architect Prof. Han Slawik told Gizmag. “Therefore after the first use you can easily transport and re-use the HomeBox to other places around the world.”

With a small base footprint of just 75 ft2, the HomeBox differentiates itself from traditional container homes by being positioned upright and not on the longer side…

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