Archive | May 2013

Replacement Double glazed wooden windows Devon by Awlwood Joinery

We are manufacturers of custom made bespoke wooden windows in Devon, we are able to replicate any windows you may have in your property but reproduce them with modern draft seals etc and also glaze them with the latest double or even triple glazed units.


This example shows some new hardwood double glazed bay windows which still look like the original thus retaining the character and charm of the building.

The modern paints and stains whether they be opaque or translucent all conspire to give our external joinery products an extended coating life meaning less frequent painting, the coating just needs to be cleaned with soapy water and another top coat of the product applied making our products easier to maintain!Image

So if you are looking for top quality custom made bespoke joinery then visit our website and give us a call to discuss your requirements.